IV International Caparica Conference on Urine Omics and Translational Nephrology 2019

02nd – 04th September 2019 | Caparica | Portugal

Plenary Speakers

Jerry Morrissey, PhD

Affiliation: Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis (USA)

Title: Ultrasensitive (fg/ml) biomarker assays using plasmonic films and surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy

Marsha A. Moses, PhD

Affiliation: Department of Surgery Harvard Medical School and Boston Children’s Hospital (USA)

Title: Mining the Human Proteome Biomarker Discovery for Human Cancer and Its Metastases

Alexander Hüttenhofer, PhD

Affiliation: Innsbruck Medical University – Biocenter, Innsbruck (Austria)

Title: Exosomal non-coding RNAs in CKD: comparison of urinary derived exosomal RNAs from CKD patients with cell culture systems for CKD

Harry Holthofer, MD, PhD

Affiliation: Finnish Institute of Molecular Medicine (FIMM) University of Helsinki, Helsinki (Finland)

Title: Urinary Extracellular Vesicles. Explosion of Information from Urine Analytics

Tadashi Yamamoto, MD, PhD

Affiliation: Biofluid Biomarker Center (BBC), Niigata University (Japan)

Title: Urine Biomarker Discovery and Validation for “All-in-One Urine Test”

Josefina Maria Sousa Lascasas, PhD

Affiliation: Centro Hospitalar Universitario Porto, Portugal

Title: Avaliable soon.