IV International Caparica Conference on Urine Omics and Translational Nephrology 2019

02nd – 04th September 2019 | Caparica | Portugal

Dear Colleagues and friends

And here we are again! After two years of intense work I am sure that all of us have news to share about that incredible sample called urine and that incredible organ called kidney.

The journey we started together six years ago is going to have a new meeting in Caparica. The good memories we have from the 2013, 2015 and 2017 meetings, it guarantees a wonderful 2019 meeting.

And we indeed believe this is going to happen. Yes… but with some changes. First we are going to make the schedule less intensive and second we are going to set one evening free, so you may decide between relax at the beach, or visit Lisbon in an organized trip.


This trip will include the crossing of the Tejo Estuary by ferry. You may even decide to play golf, or go to the SPA facilities the venue has available (see more at http://www.aldeiadoscapuchos.pt/).

Looking forward meeting you soon.

Yours truly
J. L. Capelo

C. Lodeiro
Conference chairs
On behalf of the organizing and scientific committee

We are glad to let you know that abstracts and extended abstracts will be published in the 'Journal of Integrated -OMICS'. A doi number will be assigned. The journal is indexed in Scopus.

Plenary Speakers

Jerry Morrissey, PhD

Affiliation: Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis (USA)

Title: Ultrasensitive (fg/ml) biomarker assays using plasmonic films and surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy

Marsha A. Moses, PhD

Affiliation: Department of Surgery Harvard Medical School and Boston Children’s Hospital (USA)

Title: Mining the Human Proteome Biomarker Discovery for Human Cancer and Its Metastases

Alexander Hüttenhofer, PhD

Affiliation: Innsbruck Medical University – Biocenter, Innsbruck (Austria)

Title: Exosomal non-coding RNAs in CKD: comparison of urinary derived exosomal RNAs from CKD patients with cell culture systems for CKD

Harry Holthofer, MD, PhD

Affiliation: Finnish Institute of Molecular Medicine (FIMM) University of Helsinki, Helsinki (Finland)

Title: Urinary Extracellular Vesicles. Explosion of Information from Urine Analytics

Tadashi Yamamoto, MD, PhD

Affiliation: Biofluid Biomarker Center (BBC), Niigata University (Japan)

Title: Urine Biomarker Discovery and Validation for “All-in-One Urine Test”


Keynote Speakers

Harald Mischak, PhD

Affiliation: mosaiques-diagnostics GmbH (Germany)

Title: Urinary proteomics enabling personalized medicine

Stephan Bakker, PhD

Affiliation: Department of Internal Medicine, University Medical Center Groningen, University of Groningen, Groningen (The Netherlands)

Title: Urinary metabolomics markers of enteric dysbiosis and bacterial overgrowth in renal transplant recipients

Rafael Brüschweiler, PhD

Affiliation: Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry Department of Biological Chemistry & Pharmacology The Ohio State University (USA)

Title: Identification and quantitation of known and unknown compounds in metabolomics by NMR and MS/NMR-hybrid approaches

Rosemary Smyth, PhD

Affiliation: University College London School of Pharmacy (UK)

Title: Urinary metabolites in drug-induced liver injury and non alcoholic fatty liver disease

Jayoung (Jay) Kim, PhD

Affiliation: University of California, Los Angeles (USA)

Title: Non-invasive Urinary Biomarker Candidates of Interstitial Cystitis

Timothy Bowen, PhD

Affiliation: School of Medicine, Cardiff University (UK)

Title: Detecting urinary microRNA biomarkers of kidney disease.

Joost Schanstra, PhD

Affiliation: Inserm, Toulouse (France)

Title: Prenatal body fluid analysis for the management  of developmental renal disease.

Symposium Subjects

  • Urine and Proteomics.
  • Urine and Metabolomics.
  • Urine and Metallomics.
  • Urine and Genomics & Exosomes.
  • Urine and Bacteria.
  • Urine and Virus.
  • Urine and Diagnosis and Prognosis.
  • Proteomics in Nephrology.
  • Genomics in Nephrology.
  • Metabollomics in Nephrology.
  • Bacteriomics in Nephrology.
  • Viromics in Nephrology.
  • Emerging technologies in Nephrology.
  • Translational Nephrology.
  • Renal Infections.
  • Urological Cancers.
  • Urine and Toxicity.
  • Urinary Tumors

Hotel Aldeia dos Capuchos

Be aware of cold calls from Convention Hotel Services (CHS) or from someone named Adam Max! A company called CHS (Convention Hotel Services) is calling or e-mailing attendees of conferences worldwide, claiming to work for the conference organizers and asking for credit card details to finalize the booking of accommodation. If you receive such a call or e-mail, do not give away any personal information or credit card details! None of the parties involved in the organization of URINOMICS 2019 is working with CHS

We look forward to seeing you soon.

With kindest regards